Granny’s Deals

My frugality originally comes from My Granny. She had 6 sons and it was said that if she only had one raisin left in the house, she’d split it in two and make two cakes!!! I think Granny would have loved America for all the freebies so this is why this is titled after her. Each Monday I’ll post the newest freebies around for you to gobble up to help make Mondays more palatable!
If you’re new around here, Welcome! I hope you enjoy our Monday roundup. If you have any comments or suggestions, lemme know.

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  • Free screwdriver set at Harbor Freight here.
  • Free diabetes guide here
  • Free peanut butter sample here
  • Free Lactaid dietary sample here
  • Free toxin-free skin sample here
  • Create your free personalized weight-loss program here (ready for New Year!!)
  • Free Kraft cookbook to download here
  • $10 worth of coupons from Flomax here
  • Free arthritis pain relief sample here
  • Free potty training DVD from Huggies here
  • Free baby coupons, formula samples when you sign up here
  • Free fruit rollups here. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and hubby gobbled them!
  • Free dandruff shampoo sample here
  • Free healthy tips and other info here
  • Sign up for Fisher-Price’s FREE e-mail newsletter and receive the “Perfect Gift Guide” and chance to win a check for $500. Sign up here.
  • Register here and receive free one day trial certificate for Acuvue contact lenses. Yippee, that’ll go great with the free contact lens solution at CVS this month!!

Did you catch these freebies? They’re still available!
Free rentals at Redbox
Free batteries at Target
Free drink at McDonald’s
Free photo at CVS

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  1. I tried ordering the free photo at CVS. Whether you order the 5×7 for 1.49 or the 8×10 for 3.99 – they still tack on a service charge of 1.49 for orders under 5.00. Not free anymore. Am I doing something wrong?

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