Granny’s Deals

My frugality originally comes from My Granny. She had 6 sons and it was said that if she only had one raisin left in the house, she’d split it in two and make two cakes!!! I think Granny would have loved America for all the freebies so this is why this is titled after her. Each Monday I’ll post the newest freebies around for you to gobble up to help make Mondays more palatable!
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  • Free Gas-X sample here
  • Free calculator here
  • Free box opener here
  • Free sleep supplement here. UPDATE: I’m so sorry I didn’t know you needed a promo code! Guess it won’t work, huh??!!
  • Free Curel sample here
  • Send free online cards here
  • Free water bottle here
  • Free Hot Mom magnet here!!!
  • Free subscription to Self magazine here
  • Free creative magazine from lowe’s here

Did you catch these freebies? They’re still available!
Free rentals at Redbox
Free batteries at Target
Free drink at Macky D’s

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  1. do you happen to know the promo code for the sleep supplement sample……wow, try to say that fast 10 times. thanks

  2. My friends think I’m nuts because I passed out batteries and ponytail holders to them when we all got together this morning. They were making fun of me while they were “fighting” over who got the AA’s and the brown ponytail holders 🙂
    Stockpiling is soooo much fun!

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