Granny’s Deals

Welcome, welcome if you’re new around here. You’re gonna love these deals because I like to say that “Cheap is good, Free is better!!”

My frugality originally comes from My Granny. She had 6 sons and it was said that if she only had one raisin left in the house, she’d split it in two and make two cakes!!! I think Granny would have loved America for all the freebies so this is why this is titled after her. Each Monday I’ll post the newest freebies around for you to gobble up to help make Mondays more palatable! New to signing up for freebies? Read my tips here.

Are you ready? Really ready? There are TONS and TONS of freebies!!!! On your marks, get set, GO!!!!

  • Valentine’s Day may be over but Quality Health is still giving away FREE samples here.
  • FREE greetings card maker here.
  • FREE nutrigrain bar here. Yumm-o!
  • FREE trial pair of Acuvue astigmatism lenses here.
  • FREE trial pair of Acuvue 1-Day Moist lenses here.
  • FREE trial pair of Acuvue color lenses here.
  • FREE trial pair of Acuvue Oasys lenses here.
  • $10 worth of FREE coupons from Betty Crocker by signing up for this newsletter here.
  • FREE coupons and recipes from General Mills here.
  • $10 worth of FREE coupons from Eat Better America here.
  • Fill out this quick survey for a $1.50 coupon for Pampers here.
  • FREE sample of Pantene here.
  • FREE printable stickers and charts here. Thanks, Lisa D!
  • FREE sample of Metumucil here. More here.
  • FREE Selsun Blue shampoo here.
  • FREE weekender beauty sample kit from Become here.
  • FREE breast self-examination kit here.
  • FREE sample of Gain here.
  • FREE sample of Benefiber here.
  • FREE sample of TENA serenity here.
  • FREE sample of Mabelline here.
  • FREE rental from Redbox by entering code: DVDONME. Thanks, Nicole!
Freebies still available:
FREE tickets to the Chicago Auto Show here.
FREE bottle of Pert Plus for Men here.
FREE dishwasher spotless cleaner here.
FREE Magazines here.
FREE cookie from Corner Bakery here.
FREE coffee at McDonalds here.
FREE medicine at Meijer here and Giant Eagle here.
FREE days at Chicago museums here
FREE Colgate toothbrush for healthy habits here

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