Granny’s Deals

Yippee, skippy; it’s Monday and we have reason to celebrate:
1) The election is nearly over!
2) Christmas is a-coming!
3) It’s time for some more freebies!

My frugality originally comes from My Granny. She had 6 sons and it was said that if she only had one raisin left in the house, she’d split it in two and make two cakes!!! I think Granny would have loved America for all the freebies so this is why this is titled after her. Each Monday I’ll post the newest freebies around for you to gobble up to help make Mondays more palatable!

New to signing up for freebies? Read my tips here.

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  • Free sample of Stan’s chip and dip here.
  • Text PEARL to467467 for a free sample of Tampax pearl.
  • Free diabetes guide here.
  • Free Natural floss sample pick and coupon from Dentak here.
  • Lots of discounts including coupons worth $50 just for signing up here.
  • Free ADHD guide kit here.
  • Free sample of Walmart’s new “mystery” shampoo here
  • Free sample of chocolate covered pomegranate seeds here.
  • Free scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s between 4-8pm when you show them your “I voted” sticker. Details here.
  • Free donut from Krispy Kremes for voting here
  • Free Greenbone sample for your dog here.
  • Free “recycle tomorrow” wristband here.

I would recommend signing up with P&G Brand Sampler as they’re always sending me samples and coupons. Go here and you can grab a free sample of Pantene once you sign up!

Are you a company with a freebie to share with my readers? Please email me as we lurve FREE things!My freebies this week!

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