Graduation Lollipop Bouquet

Graduation Candy Bar Poem

This Graduation Lollipop Bouquet is great for a little girl’s graduation. Last year my Mother in Law made it for my nieces and so she wrote is a tutorial on how to make the graduation candy bar poem bouquet so you can give to your favorite graduate!  Thanks Mama B!

Need a little “something” for a little girl’s recital or pre-k or kindergarten graduation? I had gone to my granddaughter’s ballet recital and everyone gave their little dancer a bouquet of flowers: I’m sure the 4- year-olds were thrilled! The next year I made a “fun” bouquet and my granddaughter requested it again this year. This bouquet is multi-purposed: the bouquet can be used as a bouquet for playing “here comes the bride”, the lollipops of course will be eaten, and the hairclips . . . well, used in the hair! Nothing wasted and lasts longer than a week plus it’s very inexpensive.


Graduation Lollipop Bouquet Materials

  1. 2 bouquets of flowers (either from the dollar store or I had some from my son’s wedding (recycle!!!!)
  2. Lollipops (the first year I found butterfly ones – but not this year)
  3. Straws or long pop sticks
  4. Butterfly hair clips
  5. Ribbon
  6. Floral tape


Directions for lollipop bouquet.

1) Take the lollipops and insert them into the straws. This is cheaper than the sticks, although I did find that the length of the stick on the sucker may make a difference on the strength – you don’t want them to fall over. If they do, I inserted floral wire or pipe cleaners in the straw.
2) You may have to put a little tape from straw to the sucker; then wind the floral tape all the way down, slightly stretching so it adheres.
3) Make about 9-12.
4) Hold the two bouquets together and arrange the colorful lollipops throughout.
5) Then again, you can wind the floral tape around everything to hold it together.
6) Attach the butterfly hair clips to the flowers and tie a ribbon around the bouquet!

Your little princess will love her sweet candy bar bouquet! NOTE: Bring extra lollipops because the bouquet will suddenly lose its lollies as they share with their friends!

Graduate Candy Bar Poem

If you need a Graduate Candy Bar Poem, then I’ve got you covered. Last week I released a 20 chapter eBook full of candy bar poems called Sugar Words. It’s a collection of 19 candy bar poems and unique gifts for Dads, Graduates, Moms, Retirement, Birthday and more. There are 3 poems in there for graduates and as many people have graduation parties to go to I thought I’d recommend the book!

It will only cost you $4.95 and you can get it immediately and get working on that candy bar poem. It has pictures, instructions and the poems broken down into exactly what you need to buy.

Plus: There’s a poem made of Yankee Candle tarts! I gave it to my friend for her birthday and she loved it so I wanted to share it with you.

It’s getting rave reviews and comes with full color pictures and instructions so that you can wow your friends and family. Buy it now, or read more about it – Sugar Words Information

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