Graduation Candy Ideas – Bouquet

Graduation Candy Ideas

Last week my little dude graduated preschool and his classmate received the cutest graduation candy bouquet made of Reese’s peanut butter cups. It was a simple yet affective idea and perfect for preschool gradtuation so I made one and my son and his friend who also graduates preschool this year shared the candy!

Graduation Candy Ideas

Graduation Candy bar Bouquet Materials

  • Twizzlers
  • Mini Reeses’ peanut butter cups
  • Large Candy bar
  • Melting chocolate. I had some Wilton’s disks.
  • Long cake pop sticks
  • Square floral foam
  • Tissue paper and ribbon

Graduation Candy Ideas

1) Melt the melting chocolate.
2) Take a cake pop stick and swirl it in the chocolate and then into a peanut butter cup.
3) Set the pop somewhere to cool. I used a cake pop stand.
4) Once all the peanut butter cups are done melt more chocolate.
5) Cut the chocolate bar into small squares and affix each to the top of the cup using a dab of melted chocolate.
6) Once done place the hat in the fridge for 20 minutes for it to cool/harden before hte tassel.
7) Remove and add the tassels using more chocolate as “glue”
8) Stick each one into the foam wrap in tissue and tie with a ribbon.

Graduation Candy bar Poem

More Graduation Candy Ideas

Graduate Candy Bar Poem

If you need a Graduate Candy Bar Poem, then I’ve got you covered. Last week I released a 20 chapter eBook full of candy bar poems called Sugar Words. It’s a collection of 19 candy bar poems and unique gifts for Dads, Graduates, Moms, Retirement, Birthday and more. There are 3 poems in there for graduates and as many people have graduation parties to go to I thought I’d recommend the book!

It will only cost you $4.95 and you can get it immediately and get working on that candy bar poem. It has pictures, instructions and the poems broken down into exactly what you need to buy.

Plus: There’s a poem made of Yankee Candle tarts! I gave it to my friend for her birthday and she loved it so I wanted to share it with you.

It’s getting rave reviews and comes with full color pictures and instructions so that you can wow your friends and family. Buy it now, or read more about it – Sugar Words Information

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