Going Thrifting – Location in Post!!!

More research for ya’ll!!!! That’s what I tell Hubby anyway!!

Why is it that the thought of going green makes us think of spending more money? That somehow living organically must mean a higher grocery bill? True, there are higher costs to living organically but when we talk about doing things that are better for the earth, it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Re-using, recycling and repurposing are the 3 big R’s of going green and they’re all not only easy to do but will save you lots of money.

One of these is thrift store shopping. The very thought of it may make you roll your eyes in disgust that people could use things that others had worn. It may invoke all kinds of feelings of moth balls and stained shirts that nobody would ever wear. With the economy the way it is thrifting is back in vogue and not only that, it’s great for the environment. This week I set off on a hunt for bargains at a recently opened thrift store, Etc. in Schererville (at the corner of US 41 and Rte 30 near Dollar Tree and Harbor Freight Tools). Armed with a mere $10, I browsed this new upscale store and perused the racks in hunt of hidden treasures. 15 minutes and $5 later I came out with a purse, a sweater for my son and some soap.

This game is awesome and was only $2 but we already have it.

Etc. opened up 2 weeks ago by Highland Christian School and unless you knew it, you’d never guess that it was a thrift store. As you walk in, you notice how nice all the displays are, as if someone professionally created them. That’s just what happened. Manager Pat Tinklenberg brought her retail experience with her and has helped create a thrift store that looks more like you’re browsing a local department store. “We want to do resale like regular retail.” She told me as she talked about the negative image of resale shops in the past. “We want to be the kind of resale shop that people are comfortable to shop at.”
This week as we celebrate Earth Week and think about ways to save our environment, why not go thrifting? The less landfills we fill with unwanted items, the better for the environment and for our children’s future. Visit your local thrift store where one man’s junk truly is another’s treasure.
Tomorrow in our final episode of Going Green and Saving Green…….You’ll Never Believe Where I got These!

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