GlassesUSA: Complete Pair of Glasses for Just $18

When I was a little girl I’ll never forget my Mum explaining to me how my Grandma had had a Mastectomy due to breast cancer. I was young and even 20 years ago using the “b” word (especially in extremely reserved England) was not something you did and I cringed at my Mum’s words and at the implications of what my Grandma was going to have to go through.

The cancer left her but a few years later she developed it elsewhere and this time was critical. I lost my Grandma to cancer when I was 11. It’s over 20 years ago and yet as I write this the tears stream down my face for the what-might-have-been. Every time in my life when I go through something major I think of her and that she’d be cheering me on. It’s particularly sad as my Mum lost her dad, Grandma’s husband when she was just 18 and I never knew him.

I tell you all this because I personally know the effects of breast cancer and am determined to be aware and help spread awareness. That’s why I’m writing this for

This month they will be donating $1 from every sale of eyeglasses to a breast cancer organization.

I checked out their site and found that they’ve got prescription glasses
for as low as $18 for a complete pair, wow! They’re not bad looking glasses either, some are quite snazzy!

As both Hubby and I need glasses, I’m always on the hunt for great deals on pairs for both of us and right now not only do they have great deals on glasses but they’ve given me a coupon code to give you for 10% off! Simply enter the code mommy10 when prompted during your next purchase of prescription glasses.

Glasses online always make people a little nervous but I can’t remember the last time we purchase from a B&M (bricks and mortar) store and are happy with the ones we’ve received.

So check out Glasses USA and their Facebook site here:

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