Giveaway Two – eebee

This week I’ve got two awesome giveaways and guess what? You can enter them both!!!

Here’s the second one – a new great product for my little man! I got to try out this product from eebee and we’re already in love! I saw it on the website and when it arrived I was super happy.
“eebee’s adventures,” was created by every baby, inc. and Sony Wonder, and is a series of infant/toddler developmental DVDs based on everyday scenarios as seen through a baby’s eyes. They use everyday objects and real babies which I like as Isaac seems to really react and love seeing other kids play.

We also were sent the bath book and it’s super cute – you put it in the water and a couple of the pages fill up and then the kids can squirt the water out as they read!

You gotta check out the guy’s hair! I was trying to explain it to Tim and he looked at me a little odd but seriously what could be better to a 10 month old then bright funky hair??? Oh and of course the little scuba mask that he can chew on!As you can see here, it’s Isaac approved! It’s also Brooke Shields’ approved – check this out!A couple of cool features on their site– You can download FREE birthday cards and invites here and use this code to get 20% off your order: eebee20. Good thru 12/25/08. This great line is also available at Target.

So, what are you gonna win? Well the folks at eebee are gonna give one of my readers the chance to win a set 3 of their award winning DVDs. All you’ve got to do is:
Tell a friend about my blog and this contest and then come back and let me know who you told. (I’m using the honesty policy so keep it legit please guys!) Of course if they then come here, they can enter too! Want more ways to win? Write about it on your blog and then let me know you did it.

Contest closes on Sunday December 14th at midnight and the winner will be picked and announced on Monday December 15th. Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you!


  1. Finleypotamus says:

    I told my friend Tami by email. She loves contests too! is my contact

  2. i told my mom and my sister about your blog and all the deals and contests that you connect everyone too, i think they are both gonna be hooked just like i am!

    thanks for doing what you do!


  3. Discount Bento Mama says:

    I told by sister the music snob about this contest. She has a brand new baby and is addicted to baby products.

  4. Barbara Schantz says:

    This is great for my 5-month-old twin boys, but I also shared it with my friend who’s expecting a baby! How cute is it?

  5. I just have to say THANK YOU to Tina from Highland for telling me about your website.
    Thank you for taking the time to help us save our hard earned $$$$ !!

  6. Hopefully this will count, I blogged it on my contest blog ~

  7. I told my sister by email thanks for the chance!!

    mom2 hmm x3

  8. I told my cousin Kristy about it
    Thanks for all the work you do!

  9. I told my friend Jill, who LOVES a good bargain. Thanks for such a great site!
    Nikki T

  10. Thanks Amy!!! I hope you love it as much as I do!!!! It would take all day to tell who I’ve mentioned your blog to but a few would be…my “girls” Jen, Alli, Amy, Kristi…..all the half day moms….anyone I’m related to…..i’ll tell more in the other contest. Thanks as always for you hard work Clair!!!

  11. I told my friend Tara about your blog. She is a new mom to a 3 month old baby girl. My son already loves Eebee. I love your blog!

    Jamie –

  12. I told my sister inlaw about the contest . Thanks

  13. I told my sister Laura about he contest.

  14. I told my friend Kelly about the contest. Thanks!

  15. mylittleducks5 says:

    I told a Mom I am friends with about your blog and sent her a link to check it out.

  16. I told all my friends by email but that is a given. WHO I told that is really spreading the word is all the people who were standing near me the day after Thanksgiving on black friday. I told the 6 ladies standing next to me and the ladies behind them asked “whats that website” it had almost a trickle effect. GO MUMMYDEALS!

  17. pettyjohn1019 says:

    Amy, Thank you for sharing your blogs with us. My Aunt Billie Melton gave me your web site. I have gotten many frebies, and saved money on many other things. Even though we don’t have all the same stores we have quite a few of the same. I have shared your website with many of my family and friends here in Alabama.
    Thanks again for all you saving ideas and help for all of us here in Alabama.
    Donna Pettyjohn

  18. Ken & Peggy says:

    I just contacted my sister – she’s a grandma too!


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