Getting a Newspaper for Coupons

If you’re getting more into couponing, you may be considering a subscription. I want to highly recommend doing that and suggesting that you subscribe to a major metropolitan newspaper. This list shows the Top 50.
There is a great website,, that has GREAT rates on papers. If you’re just doing it for the coupons you can subscribe to just Sundays for around $1. Although it seems like an expense trust me when I say it’s worth it. In fact, most of my coupons are just money makers at stores like CVS and WAGS because the product is alreayd free! If you really want more papers that week some dollar stores carry them as does Menards for just $1.

If you’ve never checked it out, you can find Mummy Deals each Thursday in The Times newspaper or online here.


  1. I didn't know you could use Wags RR's at Kroger!! Our Wags here in town isn't all that friendly to coupon users. 🙁 After trying a few times, I decided it wasn't worth the fight EVERY time I went in there. But now, if I can save money by using the RR's at Kroger…hmmm…I might just have to spray on my Stink Eye Repellent and head on it!

  2. Hey, which Chicago paper is best for Q's? My MIL saves them both for me, but am wondering?

  3. My Jewel said no when I tried to use this weeks $6 off RR from Walgreens, such a pity cause a had another coupon to use to get the Reach deal but don't need to buy $12's worth of stuff from Walgreens in the next week so will pass up and just hope the soft soap deal is still avalible when I get there on Monday so I can use it on that and some other odds and ends.
    What I really wanted to say was that we use for coupon codes, I used it at the beginning of the year for a Chicago Tribune coupon code and I pay 50c a week for 3 papers (Wed, Fri and Sat).
    They have Tons and my hubby uses it if he buys anything on line as often he can save, even buying sheet music for the church!

  4. Chicago Tribune is the best for coupons for the Chicago area. You can get copies of it at Dollar Tree or Menards for $1. is a good place to look for newspaper discount codes. From there, I found a code to get the Sun. only paper for .50 week. Started out with terrible delivery service the first few weeks (maybe got 2 papers the first 6 weeks). It helped a lot more to notify Chicago Tribune through their website/email. Telling them on the automated call they give you to check on service did not help at all. I get extra copies at Dollar Tree and other cheap stuff while I am there. I don't try using my RRs at other stores since there are usually enough other good deals before they expire. If not, I use them on stuff that rarely goes on sale or for sticker books for dd to play with while on shopping trips, etc…Stuff I really don't like spending money on 🙂 You can also use them to buy greeting cards or gifts, etc. things that you will eventually need to buy later anyway.

  5. Terra Jones says:

    I always hit the Dollar Tree after church on Sundays – paper for $1.00.

    I've gone at the end of the day and if they have leftovers, they'll sell em for .50 each.

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