How to Get Loaves of French Bread For 49 Cents



Ok so this could go one of two ways but I’m hoping I’m not about to get an angry text from the girl who introduced me to this SMOKIN’ HOT deal as she sees her picture up here! Everybody meet Meghan: she’s a good pal, fun to be around and the owner of this amazing tip that got a TON of comments on my Facebook page. She found me through the blog, spotted me at ALDI and never introduced herself and then when she worked out I was normal we became friends.

One day she shows up with this bread and while everyone raves about it she tells me it only cost her 49 cents. 49 cents? How did I not know! Yuppers folks you can get day old bread from Jimmy John’s for just $0.49 but before you think it’s going to be stale, it’s not! It takes about 2 days before it goes stale so run in, grab some and use it for dinner.

Questions I got Asked on Facebook

  1. Is this at all JJ’s? As far as we know yes so call ahead please!
  2. What time? We’ve been in different times during the day but go in earlier for better selection.
  3. Are you kidding? Nope, true story. Scouts honor!
  4. How long before it goes stale? One thing I like about this bread is that it does go stale quickly. Unlike other breads around here that take errrrrmmmm a month before they get yucky this one will so buy now and plan for it or freeze it.
  5. Wait! I can freeze it? Post coming….

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