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There’s a few companies out there that have realized that word of mouth marketing is becoming “hot” and that when people spot good deals they’re more likely to tell a friend and purchase it as apposed to believing all those tv commercials. With that in mind, a couple of companies have set up to reach people to spread the word. They work with advertisers who want to get the word out and give their members trials or heads up on some fun stuff. Here’s a list of ones I’ve been a member of for a while plus details on Pssst which I haven’t blogged about before:

General Mills´ Pssst… network will send information, along with coupons and samples for some of the newest products from their many brands. Sometimes they will ask you to submit your feedback online and sometimes they will send you coupons and samples to give out to friends and family members you think would enjoy them. Interested in seeing what it´s all about? Visit Just click the Join Now tab to become a member and get in the loop on new products.

Bzz Agent. My friend, Lisa, found this while surfing the net and within a week of us both signing up we received 12 coupons good for a free taco at Taco Bell if we’d spread the word and give one or two coupons away! My friend, Candi, then alerted me to these guys as she’s received tons of freebies since she becmae a member a year ago.

Kraft First Taste. My friend, Mel, alerted me to this place and I received a coupon good for some Triscuits. When I went to redeem it at a local grocery store, they had them on sale BOGO so I got 2 free! Yahhooo! Last week I received a packed of Maxwell House coffee to taste for free too. Here’s what a reader, Jaclyn, said, “All you have to do is sign up and they send you free stuff in the mail. I have received a Venus razor, Kashi cereal bar, mints, calendar, and other things I just can’t remember in the past three months. You also receive 4 or 5 coupons to purchase this product if you want. For example, 5 coupons for $4 off the venus razor. Sometimes they send you a coupon for something free like toothpaste” Thanks, Jaclyn!

All the sites just hope you’ll tell friends and then go back to their site to report on if you liked it or not.

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