Get Free Stuff Without the Hassle

Do you get sick of couponing? Hands up if you’d like to just get some free stuff…..for free and without the hassle? Doesn’t it sound great? Well then you’re gonna love this

There’s a few companies out there that have realized that word of mouth marketing is becoming “hot” and that when people spot good deals they’re more likely to tell a friend and purchase it as apposed to believing all those tv commercials. With that in mind, a couple of companies have set up to reach people to spread the word. They work with advertisers who want to get the word out and give their members trials or heads up on some fun stuff. They’re called word of mouth marketing and one I LOVE is Kraft First Taste. I joined a few months ago and have already received a coupon good for some Triscuits, 2 cans of Maxwell House coffee, and recently some Velveeta Cups. Yeah, for free and no strings attached except they hope you’ll tell a pal or two. I love it also because you get to try amazing Kraft products before they hit the shelves!!!!


  1. Together We Save says:

    Love free Stuff

  2. Anonymous says:

    I signed up several months ago, and I've received a couple of cents-off coupons, but no freebies. Does anyone know how they decide who gets what?? Thanks!

  3. Rebecca Kvenvolden says:

    the link doesn't seem to be working?

  4. Cindy's paradise says:

    I don't think the link is right…

  5. Link corrected!

    Anonymous, I've just hurried to get in the campaign whenever I've seen it.

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