Get Free Mulch For Landscaping & Planting

Spring is coming and for many that means time to get outside and work on getting the garden ready and possibly some new landscaping.  NIPSCO offers free mulch for those that need it.

Where Does NIPSCO Get The Mulch

NIPSCO’s tree work generates large amounts of ground up branches and leaves. This wood mulch is ideal for landscaping projects and other uses.

Gentle Reminder From NIPSCO

NIPSCO wants to remind you that you should never attempt to prune limbs or remove trees that are close to power lines. Tree work near power lines requires specialized, non-conductive equipment and OSHA-mandated worker safety and skills training. For your safety, always contact NIPSCO if you see a tree that you suspect is causing a potentially dangerous condition or a power outage.

*Thank you Luke for the heads up.*


  1. Lauren Natelborg says:

    Is there a link to go to in order to take advantage of this?

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