Get Cash For Your Unused Gift Cards

If your anything like me you tend to get a few gift cards piled up through out the year that you really don’t have a use for. While I think a Macy’s gift card was a nice gesture I tend to not shop there often. So now what do I do with it? I could find something to buy but that has been a challenge without adding more money to it, I could let it sit in my sock draw like the 30 billion dollars of unused gift cards OR I could put it to good use and sell it on Plastic Jungle.

Plastic Jungle is willing to give me cash for my gift cards that I don’t truly have a use for. If you have some unused gift cards that you have been wondering what to do with I would head to Plastic Jungle now and check out how the process works. It’s pretty simple and painless I promise and will give you extra cash in your pocket!

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