Get $10 for Referring Just 10 Friends, Get $20 for Referring 20!

I just heard of this cool site, Shop It To Me. You sign up, fill out what deals you want to be alerted on, how often you want email alerts and that’s it!

What I love is that they’re looking for people to tell their friends and are willing to pay you to do that!!! Refer 10 friends to Shop It To Me and you’ll get a FREE $10 Gift Card.

This is an ongoing deal so you can refer tons of friends and get tons of cards. Just tell your Buds to sign up through your link.

You can choose between gift cards from:

* Macy’s

* Banana Republic

* Bloomingdales

* Gap

* iTunes

* J. Crew

* Jamba Juice

* Nordstroms

* Old Navy

* Starbucks

* Urban Outfitters

Thanks for signing up through my link HERE, now go tell some friends!

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