Gerber Smart Sips Review and Giveaway

It’s all relative isn’t it? When Isaac was eating baby food I was sure to taste every single one while my friends looked on in digust! “I’m just curious” I’d reply, wondering if there was no food I wouldn’t dare try. While babies love baby food us adults not so much. Kinda like the new Graduates Smart Sips I was sent for Isaac to try. Let’s just say I tried it and although I wasn’t crazy about it, he loved it and gobbled it up. As the Mum what I was crazy about was the great content and lack of yucky sweeteners.

Not only did the kind folks at new Media Strategies send me some to try but they shared with me a little science and I’m giving some Smart Sips away. Did you know?

* Almost 100% of toddlers don’t get enough of an essential nutrient in a given day (FITS, 2002)
* 75% of toddlers get too much saturated fat (FITS, 2002)
* 25% of toddlers are not eating any fruit or vegetable in a given day (FITS, 2002)
* More than 50% of toddlers do not get enough essential omega 3 fat (alpha linolenic acid) in a given day (FITS, 2002)

Graduate Smart Sips beverages have no added sugars and contain 15 essential vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fat to support your toddler’s healthy growth and development. What’s more, they’re great for your on-the-go life – no refrigeration is necessary prior to opening and they fit easily in a bag or lunch box.

So, what you gonna win? Two 3-packs of Smart Sips and a Gerber Graduates backpack.

**So how do you win? All you’ve got to do is leave a comment below telling me if you’ve ever tried baby food and if so, which was your fave!
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Contest closes on Thursday October 29th at midnight and the winner will be picked randomly (by and announced on Friday october 30th. Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you!

I blog with integrity: I was not paid to write this but was given one to try and one for a reader.

Did you Enter?
1 – Snow White Diamond Edition DVD/Blu-Ray Combo
2 – Wiggles Concert tickets – ENDED!
3 – Harry Connick, Jr. CD
4 – (2) $25 Gift Cards to A&P stores
5 – My Little Pony Twinkle Wish Adventure
6 – Silver ring giveaway


  1. I tried this before julia and Jack tried this also. They hated it. Oh well. You win some you lose some. I think if I would have froze it, and then blended it. It would have been accepted more freely. IMO.

  2. I actually really like most baby foods and I will finish it if my son doesn't finish an container. I like the mango by Gerber.

    melia315 at hotmail dot com

  3. Nope, never tried the jarred stuff. Wouldn't buy it. I did try the boxes barley cereal. That is when I stopped giving her the boxed infant cereals, if barley tastes worse than paste, they're doing something too it that isn't good for baby 😀

    The drinks sound really interesting! Thanks!

  4. I'm subscribed 😀

  5. Yes, I have tried just about everything I put into my 1 year old. Sometimes I wonder how she eats some of the stuff I feed her and some of it is actually good. My favorites were sweet potato baby food and the cheese puffs snacks (not sure what the real name is). Oh, and the fruit snacks/roll.


  6. Edith.morris says:

    I remember loving the vanilla pudding baby food when I was a teenager – Don't ask! But I never gave either of my kids "dessert" babyfood themselves! If I wanted them to have sugar I wasn't paying a dollar for a small jar of it! But since with my younger I made most of his babyfood until he hit stage 3 and beyond. I would taste it to make sure it turned out okay.
    Edith.Morris (at) gmail (dot) com.

  7. Edith.morris says:

    I suscribe through my google RSS reader
    Edith.Morris (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Jennifer Josleyn says:

    I have tried every baby food, except the meats which my son wouldn't even eat. My favorite was probally the custard dessert.

  9. ShellyLynn says:

    I've totally tasted baby food! Peaches are the BEST!! 🙂

  10. ShellyLynn says:

    I subscribe in a reader!

  11. I tried some of my son's baby food, when he was still eating it. My favourite was Sweet Potato Cinnamon, by Earth's Best. It tasted like pumpkin pie! 🙂

    noctispresul @ yahoo . com

  12. I tried every baby food my daughter ate, and I usually did not find them very tasty. She,on the other hand, loved most of them. I liked the fruit ones best, especially the pears and bananas.

  13. I have tried many and I love all the fruits but the gerber apple strawberry banana is the best.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have tried baby food and Gerber's 2nd food, Fruit Medley, is my favorite.

    frumper at sbcglobal dot net

  15. I am with you, I don't hesitate to try everything I give my child! I must say I LOVE the Gerber Graduates product line so far. The puffs are great and I love the cereal bars! lol Better yet, she loves them!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this new product!

    kpiglet1998 at yahoo dot com

  16. I have never tried babyfood!
    Sometimes it looks good though!

  17. I have tried baby food and I'd say my favorite is definitely sweet potatoes. If I could get them for free, I'd probably carry a jar with me at all times for a quick snack! 🙂

    couponingfor4 at gmail dot com

  18. Subscriber!

    couponingfor4 at gmail dot com

  19. The Baker's says:

    I taste everything I give my kids. I like baby squash with just a little bit of salt.

    carriejane at lycos dot com

  20. I only tried the baby foods I knew I'd like! Thanks for the chance to win.

    P.S. I follow your blog.

  21. Anonymous says:

    banana baby food..yum

  22. Honestly I have tried everything I gave my first son, because he was a terrible eater. My favorite though was the Strawberry Banana or applesauce! I would love to try these drinks though for my sons!

  23. subscriber too! ckachelmuss @

  24. yep, I try almost everything (some of the jarred stuff just put me off by the smell though!, and I have to say there were days when I found myself eating more Happy Baby bananna puffs than my son was eating! thanks for the contest. I subscribe to you, as well.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I try baby food before giving it to my kids. I think I like the applesauce the best. It seems like it has a hint of cinnamon taste to it. Yummy! wrzylstra at gmail dot com

  26. I always loved the banannas and the blueberry buckle them are my favs. everything else i tried was just gross, the good thing was once i tried it i didnt have to try it again.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I tried the foods that I fed my children and I would have to say any of the fruits I liked, but banana was my favorite.

    oomski at sbcglobal dot net

  28. Never. Not even when my kids were little – that was hubbys job 😉

  29. I have tried baby food and I am in love with Hawiian delight it is actually really good!

  30. I am a subscriber!!

  31. I'm pretty sure I tried some it but I guess it wasn't that memorable.

  32. I'm a subscriber.

  33. The vanilla custard is the best

  34. I haven't tried this yet. but would be nice to try once we start feeding solids to the little one.

  35. I haven't tried THIS before……but I've tried baby food in general..I like pears! 🙂

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