Generic Prescription $aving$: A Guest Post

I got this email last week from “A Faithful Follower.” That Faithful Follower happens to be my mother in law, herself a frugalite and I thought it was so sweet that she’d label herself that! She wrote to me about how she plans to save $360 a year and I knew I had to publish it (that and the fact that she makes an amazing Easter lunch!) so here is her article. For more resources check this out that I wrote on how to get the cheapest prescription medication and here.

It pay$ to do a little homework! I purchase my medication through our insurance’s mail order. I was on a brand-name med, and so was paying $100 quarterly which equals to $400 annually. The insurance company requested asking the doctor if a generic would work. (My nephew, who is a doctor, said you can always ask the doctor if a generic prescription would be suitable.) So I have been taking a generic for about $10 a month (trial run to make sure it was effective). Last night I prepared my new prescription to be mailed off today. I was searching for something else and looked up on the bulletin board in the computer room – boy does it accumulate a lot!!!!!!! . . . but that’s not all bad! My husband picked up some papers on saving money on prescriptions from different stores (Sam’s Club, Target, & Walmart) and they were still pinned up there. In searching it out, I can now get a 90-day supply for only $10 locally!!!!! In my mail today, I received a booklet from Target which included a coupon for a $10 gift card for a new or transferred prescription – so my first 90 days is essentially FREE! Other stores may have similar deals.

Going from a brand-name medication to generic and doing a little research, I am going from $400 to $40 annually! Meijer’s pharmacy also offers free antibiotics and pre-natal vitamins as does Giant Eagle.

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