Generic Allergy Medicines Spotted for $1!

Generic Zyrtec called Cetirizine has been spotted at the Dollar Tree. 10 mg., 14 pills for $1. That is a crazy good deal!!! They also have generic benedryl and generic claritin. Thanks, Laurie!


  1. Really? That's amazing! That's $0.07 a pill. At CVS, the cheapest you can get is $0.29 cents a pill when you buy the 120ct for $34.99. Walgreens is $0.23 a pill if you buy the 150ct for $34.99. That makes this deal a steal! I'll have to head down to the Dollar Tree this week to see if we have it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just watched a story on tne CBS 2 news warning about expired medicine at dollar stores. Here is the link you might want to check it out
    Just might want to warn your readers to make sure and check expiration dates on things like food, medicines, and vitamins bought from dollar stores.

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