General Mills Catalina Deal at Jewel: Free/Super Cheap Food Through 1/13/10

Lucky us, there’s a new General Mills catalina deal at Jewel from 1/7-1/13 – Buy $20, Get $5 back and 50 Box Tops for Education. If you’ve never done Jewel catalinas before, read this first and get yourself acquainted.  Here’s the list of goodies with thanks to Couponers Wanted. The left number is the sale and the right number is the preferred.  What you’re looking for is the greatest spread, or difference in pricing:
For example: Breyer’s Ice Cream is on sale at $6.99. if you had to spend $30 to get money back you’d only need to buy 5 to get you beyond $30. But, let’s say that although that’s sale price, preferred price is $2.99. My math is bad but the difference between $6.99 and $2.99 is a whopping $4 and this is what will save you the most.

  • Betty Crocker Helpers 10/$10 (Use $1/3 here)
  • Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.99/$4.99 (Rumour has it that these  rings at $1.99) (Use $.40 or $.50/2 here or $1/2 here or $.50/2 from 1/3 GM)
  • Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches $1.99/$2.79 (Use $.40 here or 12/13 GM or 11/15 GM or $1/2 here)
  • Betty Crocker Potato Buds $1.69/$3.39
  • Betty Crocker Warm Delights or Minis $1.99/$2.49 (Use $.50 here or $1/2 here)
  • Bisquick $3.29/$3.79 (Use $1/2 here or here or $.60 from 11/15 or 12/13 GM)
  • Fiber One Frozen Muffins $3.49/$4.49 (Use $.75 here or $1 from 1/3 GM)
  • General Mills Snack Bars or Nature Valley Clusters $2.49/$3.99 (Use $.40 Fiber One from here or 1/3 GM or $1/2 from here or here)
  • Green Giant Specialty Vegetables $1.29 (Use $.40/2 from 11/15 GM)
  • General Mills Cereals $1.99/$4.99 (Use $1/2 Any here, here, here or from 1/3 GM; $1/3 Any from 12/13 GM$1 Cheerios here or here or $.55 here; $1 Trix here or $.55 here)
  • Green Giant Frozen Vegetables $1.29/$2.29 (Use $.50/2 here, here or hereor $.60/3 from 1/3 GM)
  • Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup 10/$10 (Use $1/3 here, here or here or $.50/2 from 1/3 or 11/15 GM)
  • Pillsbury Toaster Strudels, Scrambles or Pancakes $2.49/$2.99 (Use $.55/2 from 1/3 GM)
  • Progresso Light, Traditional or Rich & Hearty Soups 3/$4; 3/$8.50 (Use $1/3 here, here or here, $.25 from 11/15 GM or $.50/2 from 1/3 or 11/15 GM)
  • Yoplait YoPlus or Fiber One 2/$3; 2/$6.70 (Use $1 here, here or here or $.50 from 1/3 GM)

So, what ya going out for?  Anyone got a good list?  The Yoplaits look free and the Cheerios have serious potential.  Good thing Isaac loves those two things for breakfast!

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