General Mills Catalina at Jewel 2/25 – 3/3/10 = Free/Super Cheap Food

There’s a new General Mills catalina deal at Jewel from 2/25- 3/3/10 – Buy $20, Get $7 back. If you’ve never done Jewel catalinas before, read this first and get yourself acquainted.  What you’re looking for is the greatest spread, or difference in pricing between sale and preferred.

Before you head out I highly recommend checking out my coupon bar here, here from Red Plum and here from Smartsource and grabbing those GM inserts from a while back that I hope you kept.

I would also HIGHLY recommend buying some here if you’re gonna get a bunch of things. Totally worth it and if you order quick they’ll be at your pad before the deal ends.

I haven’t run out yet to check it out but my dear friend Lori did and here’s how she did:

Nut Clusters are shelf priced at $3.79 so I bought five and was able to use five coupons (4 -$1 and 1 -.50) and then buy one cookie mix for a filler.
Total OOP: $9.24 with coupons.
Got my $7 cat.
Final: $2.24

THEN, in a reckless experiment, I decided to try combining $40 worth to see if I’d get two cats, so I bought:

2 boxes Cookie Crisp cereal ($4.69 shelf price!!)
Two Reeses puffs ($3.59)
One Cinnamon Toast Crunch ($3.59)
3 tubes crescent rolls ($3.29)
One box Fiber One bars ($3.49)

Coupons for all, total OOP: $25.91 used the $-7 cat, =$14.36 and got 2 more $7 cats!!

Total for the day: $23.60 – $21= $2.60 OOP. Not bad for $60+ of groceries.

Got a scenario? Leave a comment!  I’m going for these and will report back!:

  • Simply Cookies
  • Pillsbury crescent rolls

New to Jewel? Check this out first and then read the juice on Jewel catalinas and how they work here.
To obtain coupons, you can check out my coupon bar here, here from Red Plum and here from Smartsource.
There is also a great service where you can buy coupons for super cheap. Check it out here.

Gathering deals for the Grocery Gathering.


  1. The Fiber one and Betty crocker fruit rolls are both also on buy 3 get 1.50 back deals at the moment -I believe this goes up to buy 5 get 3.50 but my shelf just mentioned the buy 3 one and I didn't have time to try these deals today. if oyu include these items in the GM one you can get both Catalinas 🙂
    I also just found out about Your Bucks at you sign up your Jewel card and different items have catalinas each month- mine starts tomorrow and there is a Ragu $2 back and ragu is $1.99 this week – I'll let you know if it works!

  2. Sometimes the "coupon math" is misleading…if Lori used the 1st $7 cat on the 2nd transaction to get that OOP down to $14.36, then her OOP total was $23.60 (9.24+14.36) less the $14 in NEW cat's that she still has in her wallet for a total of $9.60. Still a great deal, but just wanted to point out that you can't count the 1st cat as a gain against OOP if you've already used the cat to lower your OOP in the first place.

  3. Not sure how you came up with the numbers on the Nut clusters. I am coming up with almost 15oop after coupons, then get 7cat.

  4. nemeth55 says:

    I have been reading about the 12 week cycle in the grocery stores,when does week one start?

  5. Linda – Yes, the self checkout is sometimes easier. Either that or ask the cashier to wait until all your products have scanned as you want to make sure you meet the amount.
    Arlene – Agreed. When I do my totals it always includes only want I paid overall.
    Chery – The nut clusters are $3.79 sale and $2.49 preferred so 5 x $2.49 is $12.45. There are some $1 and $.50 off coupons that bring the total down. I had some $1.80 ones that meant mine were close to free. In Lori's scenario it was $12.45 but she had 4 x $1 off and 1 x $.50 off to make it $7.95. Add in the biscuit filler she did at $1.25 and it was still just over $2 for 5 x NC and 1 x biscuits

  6. Nemeth – 12 weeks is the average sales cycle on meats so when you see say boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.59# stock up, it won't come around for about another 12 weeks

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