Gardening Ideas – A Guest Post

One thing that will save you money aplenty is a fruit and veggie garden. Although you spend money upfront, it will save you in the long run and the fruit and veg you get is so yummy and worth it. Last year my friend Becs grew tomato plants in a pot on her back deck. It was very successful and so this year I thought I’d try. The only problem is I got a little busy so I was really happy when my internet friend, Nicole, emailed with some ideas. It sounds like she has very green fingers so there’s a ton of great ideas. If you’ve got anymore feel free to share the wealth below! Every year we grow tomatoes, peppers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries, chives (come back every year), cilantro, dill (comes back every year), pickles, and cucumbers.1) I sort of cheat…we buy the starter plants and don’t start from seeds (although we have in the past), it is just too much work with a 5 & 7 year old!


 2) We always plant the weekend or two after Mother’s Day, since the risk of frost is much lower by then.

3) Pay attention to the germination time on the plant, if you plan according, you can get your early bird Tomatoes at the beginning of the season, and keep getting tomatoes, or peppers, etc. throughout the season.


4) I definitely don’t use any chemicals on the garden, so it is a must to watch for bugs. Tomato bugs are green and really blend in with the stems, the only way that we have ever know that we have one (and we get them every year) is that the leaves look like they have been eaten. Also, broccoli bugs are REAL interesting. You really need to break the broccoli into small pieces to find them, as they like to be in the edible part. One time I made a salad for hubby, and he found one in there 🙂 oops!!!


Bugs Killer

5) If you do strawberries, don’t plant in your regular garden, as they come back every year and get bigger and will eventually take over (found that out the hard way!!!)

 Thanks, Nicole! Anyone else had any success with a garden? Anyone estimated how much moolah they’ve saved by doing one?

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