Garage Sale Notices 2011

It’s garage sale season and I’m offering advertising on my site again for local folks. People who advertised last year reported lots of my readers showing up. In fact, here’s what Rachel S said,

“It went great. We had a number of people say they heard about it from your website, so thanks!! We were excited to hear that.

It’s $5 per listing. I’m not offended if you choose not to do it but please just remember I do put a lot of hard work into this blog and would like to make a little pocket money!

I need your sale information by Monday of the week it is and then I’ll have the list of all the sales by Wednesday for everyone to see it bright and early. It’ll run on the site indefinitely but will be prominent all week for all to see.

Don’t worry if you’re in TX or CA and don’t wanna drive to Chicago to go saling, although the notice will be easily displayed I’ve got a way to do it that won’t clutter the site. The newly designed site now has a spot on the top under “Happenings” for all the garage sales. So get it to me early and give people plenty of notice for no extra cost!


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