Garage Mahal in Whiting, IN

Ever heard of the Garage Mahal in whiting, IN? It’s usually held the 3rd Saturday in May and this year it’s on May 16, 2009. It’s usually blocks long and they had over 150 sellers last year. The town of Whiting passes out a map and you can walk around for hours just looking. It’s great exercise and usually a great bargain! More scoop here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a fun, exciting sale held in a wonderful little town just outside of Chicago. Last year, I bought a box full of Blue Willow dinnerware for $10. It is BEAUTIFUL. A friend found a brass bed for a steal. She joked that she and her husband looked like “The Clampetts” as they transported the bed home in their pickup truck. A couple of years ago, a young lady in her wedding gown browsed the merchandise being sold at St. John the Baptist Church where she was to be married later that day. I was only able to cover a couple of streets in 2008–the sale was that extensive. This year the sale runs from 9a-5p on Sat. May 16th, 2009. A list of participating addresses (this year there are 211 of them!) can be found on the Whiting Indiana town website ( This list will also be distributed at different locations during the sale. Enjoy!

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