40 Games Your Kids Can Play By Themselves

I grew up in a game family and it’s one of the things that I’ve carried through to my own family.  Games have many uses in our house.  They are a great way for the kids to amuse themselves, many have teaching elements, sportsmanship, and laughs had by all!  Below is a huge list of games that your kids can play (most of them by themselves).  Pop the Pig is a current favorite in our house.  I love that they can play it by themselves from a very early age, if they can count and read to 4 they can play!

Huge Kids Game List No Adult Needed

  1. Tenzi!
  2. Pop the Pig
  3. Monza
  4. Apples to Apples
  5. Sorry
  6. Guess Who?
  7. Monopoly Empire
  8. Headbands
  9. Candyland
  10. Connect 4
  11. Battleship:  Star Wars Edition
  12. Blokus
  13. Sequence for Kids
  14. Trouble: Star Wars Edition
  15. Checkers
  16. Bounce Off
  17. Dominos
  18. Uno
  19. Jenga
  20. Spoons
  21. Knuckling Knights
  22. Othello
  23. Ticket To Ride
  24. King of Tokyo
  25. Sleeping Queens
  26. Spot It
  27. Operation
  28. Perfection
  29. Survive
  30. Aggravation
  31. Catch Phrase
  32. Scrabble Jr.
  33. Monopoly Jr.
  34. Bop It
  35. LCR
  36. Wits and Wagers
  37. Life JR.
  38. Clue
  39. PayDay
  40. Old Maid

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