Funny Bedtime Stories – A Guest Post

Along this blogging journey I’ve had the privilege of meeting some pretty neat people and one of them is my friend Lolli. Known only as that til recently, Lolli and I communicate only via email but I found her because I love her photography and her Mummy blog so here goes a post from Lolli and a recommendation from me!!!

Laura (aka Lolli) is a stay-at-home mom of five kids who uses her blog to show that it is possible to be happy and fulfilled as a mother in a house full of children. In addition, Lolli frequently offers photography tips and tutorials to her readers from her perspective as a photographer. Stop by and visit her blog Better in Bulk

Back in the summer of 2001, when Twizzler was just a few months old, we were planning our trip to visit my in-laws in Florida. Having my 3rd child had kind of put me over the edge. Physically and emotionally, I was having a hard time adjusting. So as we planned the trip, I thought it would be a great idea to bring my sister Andrea along to help out with the kids. It turned out to by one of my favorite trips to Florida ever. We had a blast.

And I learned something about my sister that I hadn’t known before. She’s a great story teller. It doesn’t matter so much what she’s saying to my kids. They love to listen to her. Their eyes get big, they stop everything else they’re doing, and they listen.

Back in 2001, Andrea started something called the “Story About a Boy and a Girl.” It was based roughly on the story of Hansel and Gretel, and it always had Cherrios in it, and a very mean witch at the end. For years after that trip, KitKat would ask for a “story ’bout a boy and girl, Mommmy!” every night, and more than once we murmured behind the kids’ backs about what Andrea had started. Hehee! It’s so much easier to READ a book than to make a story up on the spot, but my kids just love the unique stories.

Now, many years later, the kids don’t ask for the boy and girl story, but they DO ask for “Funny bed-time songs.” Yes, on a regular basis I have to make up silly words to traditional songs. I should keep track of the songs (some are pretty good!).

Why do I have the boy and girl story on my mind? Because recently, I spent the day with my sister and niece and this is what I caught:

OK–I totally have to add this from my sister. This is the story that she told them the other day:

AJ: “Andrea, why is the gate open at the park?”

“This one time….there was a giant squirrel that lived at the park….and he opened the gate and waited for kids….and he was big….and he waited for the kids….and then he stole their lunches…and he was big………..BOO!!”

“AHHH!……..can you tell me the story about the squirrel again?”

I don’t think it’s the words she is saying, but the way that she tells her stories that makes the kids want to hear more and more. Unfortunately, I can’t convince them that singing in a silly voice is just as good as singing silly words to the bedtime songs. Thinking creatively at bedtime is just about more than this Mom’s brain can handle.


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