Frugal Recipe – Mexican Casserole

Liz sent me this recipe when she got free tacos from Jack in the Box! Enjoy!

Shredded cheese
Soft cheese
White bean chil seasoning
Enchilada sauce


Probably the best Mexican casserole I have ever made! It’s similar to a pampered chef recipe I really like. I picked up 6 free tacos from Jack in the Box without lettuce, chopped them up and mixed them with half a large can enchilada sauce and set aside.
I made some white bean chili from a McCormick seasoning packet I got free with a coupon.
You just mix and heat up the packet with 1 can white beans and some water.. i add about 1 more cup water than the packet says.
Mix softened cream cheese with shredded cheese and put aside.
Now layer everything.
I put taco enchilada sauce mix in bottom of 9×13 glass casserole dish.
Drop half cream cheese mix over enchilada mix and spread as best as possible.
Pour white bean chili over that.
Next the rest of cream cheese mixture.
Next add more enchilada sauce and sprinkle generously with cheese.
Microwave for 15 minutes.

Seriously good. I can never eat leftovers, but I was able to eat this two extra times and the tacos were free, the packet was free and the cheese, cream cheese, beans, and sauce were sooooo cheap. Try it the next time you get free tacos from Jack In the Box.

Thanks, Liz!

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