Frugal Recipe: Chili Casserole

Never, not one time, ever as far as I can remember have I ever created a recipe until last week. It got cool around here and the minute that happens Hubs and I are both in the mood for chili. The problem? I make a huge batch and then don’t want to eat it ten times that week! So I came up with a new variation on an old fave. You may have thought of this before but for me it was a new one. Frugal, nutritious, and used up leftovers. Score!!!
Whole wheat biscuits
Shredded cheese

Make chili as normal. Eat one night. :>)
Use leftovers to make chili casserole. Place chili in oven-proof dish. Add as many biscuits as needed to the top.
Cook as per biscuit recipe.
Take out two minutes early and add cheese then pop back in oven.

Best yet? I made another one to save for later and froze it!


  1. katskitchen says:

    This looks great Clair! Hope you don't mind I wrote a little post on it, linking my viewers to your recipe.

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