Frugal is the New Black

I love my sister-in-law. Dearly. But one may say (and she’d agree) that she’s not frugal at all. That all changed about 3 months ago when she started reading my blog regularly and went and got cleaning supplies for free at Walgreens. She was so pumped and I knew that if I could “convert” her I could convert anybody. Since then she’s done the Huggies deal and others and gets giddy at a bargain.

Times are tough and even unseasoned frugalites are now tuning in and reading how to save in this economy. In fact, coupon clipping is at an all time high according to this article. In 2008 consumers redeemed 2.6 billion coupons! Prior to 2006 couponing had been on a steady decline. That was until things got tough.

Now marketers have realized that people want discounts and are offering coupons on everything from dog food to diapers. In the past clipping 25 cent coupons was not something people were willing to do and retailers have realised that. Instead of releasing small coupons, lots of places are slashing prices and offering up great discounts. It seems like couponing is back in vogue and as far as frugality goes? If frugal is the new black then I’m really stylin!!!


  1. ambmomof2 says:

    Ha Ha! I’m loving all the mentions of ME! Seriously…I’m going back for diapers (again) today at lunch.
    That would mean that I did the deal a total of 3x. I’ve got 6 bags of diapers under my desk and I’m going to buy 5 more today! I’ll use the catalina coupons to buy formula at Walgreen’s next week! LOVE IT!

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