Frugal Fun: Batch Cooking With Friends

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that is gonna hurt frugal ears: I don’t enjoy cooking. In fact, if money allowed I would probably eat out every night! It stinks because we all know that $50/week won’t quite stretch to eating out daily so one thing I’ve learned to do is shop the sales, cook in batches and freeze. In fact, freezing is my fave thing to do. The other hard thing about our family is that Tim isn’t keen on vegetables. Well, not a lot anyway but I love them. Instead of buying produce and watching it get nasty as I’d just cook for 2, I’d buy it, cut it and freeze some.

We lived in Thailand for 3 years and food was community affair and cooking it no different. I’d often invite Thai students over to cook up some American or English dish and we’d have a blast laughing and eating together. So much so that I miss it which is why a while ago I invited a friend over for a cooking and freezing session. April, knew this was good blog fodder for me and came prepared looking all cute.  {I, on the other hand, was not quite so well dressed so ignore the trussled hair look!}

** When starting: Set all your ingredients out and survey. Get all the necessary recipes, ziploc bags and containers. This way, if you’ve forgotten something you can run out now and not mid-meal.

** We made some yum-o turkey meatballs that are so easy to freeze. I cooked them, flash froze them and then stuck them in a ziploc.

** Another thing that’s important: I know it sounds silly but don’t just make one meal at once. We had some things on the stove, others in the oven and yet more freezing.

** April buys chicken in bulk and came with 3 chicken recipes on hand. One fun thing we did that I’ve never done before was to freeze the whole meal together. In one small ziploc went the main part, in another went the uncooked pasta and then we put them together in a big ziploc and froze them. Sure, it costs a little more in ziplocs but will be super handy to pull straight out of the freezer and cook.

** In about 2 hours we battled through a very cranky little boy (mine) and managed to make 5 meals and a breakfast. We had a blast, it took the bore out of cooking and saved us money. Gotta love that!


  1. April V. says:

    I have no recollection of this event WHAT SO EVER! When did we do this? My hair is soooo long! Too funny!

  2. If you do this again and want another person, I’d love to come! I live in Hammond, and unfortunately my daughter was sick the day you spoke at Peace MOPS. I’m with you – I really don’t like cooking, but I like to cook from scratch for the savings. Eating out every night is definitely not in the budget for us either, and my husband loves fast food. His love of take-out and my lack of motivation to cook makes it really hard to turn down fast-food sometimes. I cooked some freezer meals before my daughter was born, but I’ve been meaning to do more for easy prep the day of. Besides, cooking is always more fun with friends. Thanks for the blog – I love that it’s local.

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