Frugal Family Fun: Summer Part 4

Those lazy hazy days of summer are here but before you run out and register your child for every camp out there, consider some alternatives. This is Part 3 of a 7 Part series. Make sure you get my emails to grab the rest of the tips!

Send Them Outside!

Children love being outside and exploring. Remember when you were young and would run around for hours hunting for worms or making necklaces out of flowers? Before the whining for tv starts send them outside on a mission: to have fun. Here’s some great ideas:

1) Sidewalk chalk. For just a dollar at most stores, sidewalk chalk is hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. For younger ones simply allowing them to write on the driveway is enough but for older ones you may want to have them create a hop scotch pattern or learn to write.

2) Bubbles. If you don’t have the actual bubble mix around simply mix some dishwashing liquid with a little water. We’ve found that the best kind for small children are the big wands that don’t involve your child blowing on the stick otherwise it ends up messy and with someone eating bubbles!

Stick around for the Mummy Deals Summer Extravaganza with family friendly fun ideas, roundup of the kid’s summer freebies, hot giveaways and great grilling recipes.

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