Frugal Family Fun: Summer Part 2

Those lazy hazy days of summer are here but before you run out and register your child for every camp out there, consider some alternatives. This is Part 1 of a 7 Part series. Make sure you get my emails to grab the rest of the tips!

Garage Sales

Not just places that you can pick up some great items for your house but a great way to recycle.

This summer consider selling your wares at a community garage sale to make some money while emptying the closets or finding garage sales to go to where you can pick up everything from lawnmowers to toys. We managed to kit out our backyard with lots of toys for my 3 year old for less than $25 from garage sales! If you’re having one check out my 20 Tips To A Successful Sale.

Stick around for the Mummy Deals Summer Extravaganza with family friendly fun ideas, roundup of the kid’s summer freebies, hot giveaways and great grilling recipes.

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