Frugal Fall Fun 3: Leaf Rubbing and Pictures

It’s that time of year where I don’t know what’s in the air but I get creative! I guess after lounging around during the summer and seeing all the amazing beauty outside, I feel inspired. Hence the series on Frugal Fall Fun. Today is all about crayons, pictures and more.

Your bag of treasure from the nature walk.
White paper
Construction paper

Having brought home our bag of goodies Isaac and I set to work making special pictures. I got out the glue stick and helped in stick on all of our goodies we’d collected except the acorns. I was pretty impressed with him although I added a little sticky tape as our glue wasn’t so sticky!

Another great way to use the objects is to do leaf rubbings. Simply get a piece of white paper and place a leaf under it. Then grab some crayons and have your child rub over the top until you make a picture.

What a great way to preserve your nature treasure hunt! The only thing is Isaac loved the acorns and so i displayed them in a bowl. He wasn’t happy with that as he wanted to play with them of make a picture! Anyone got any creative ideas for acorns?

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