Frugal Fall Fun 2: Nature Walk

It’s that time of year where I don’t know what’s in the air but I get creative! I guess after lounging around during the summer and seeing all the amazing beauty outside, I feel inspired. Hence the series on Frugal Fall Fun.

Bag to collect items
Treasure hunt paper and pens

One of the greatest things about fall is the gorgeous weather and spectacular displays of nature. In fact it’s a perfect time to pack a picnic and head out on a nature walk. Depending how old your kids are will depend on how in depth you get with the walk. Isaac is 2 so I opted for fairly simple.

  • Take a bag with you to collect nature treasures such as fallen leaves, grasses and acorns.
  • Make up a treasure hunt sheet of things they have to find and give them a pen and some paper. Every time they find an object they get to check it off until they’ve found them all.
  • Make it into a game and see who can find the most treasure the first.

Bring that bag home, tomorrow is all about getting creative with what we’ve found.

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