FRIDAY FOLLOW: If Frugal is the New Black, Then I’m Stylin!

Hey Friday Follow Friends! I thought I’d particpate in this this week but didn’t want to stay up until midnight! Well, it’s now at 426 links so who knows if anyone will read this but anyhoo, let me introduce myself. Pull up a chair and some chocolate covered strawberries, it’s Friiiiiiiiiiday!

My name is Clair and I’m a Frugal Mummy originally hailing from England who’s now living in the Chicagoland area. I’m a wife to Tim and Mummy to 2-year old Isaac. About 1 year ago I got diapers for 20 cents a pack and when I shocked my friends with the discovery I decided I needed to teach others how to do it and founded the website Besides, it’s free therapy!! I love my little man but I’m a stay at home Mum and blogging keeps me sane some days!

I love writing about bargains I find, like free stuff at CVS or Walgreens, or great deals on makeup. One recent find was these snacks for free! Whenever I spot a deal I get giddy and love sharing it.

Besides that, I love writing about how to save money on things like making your own hand soap, or how to be a savvy shopper. Oh, and then there’s Granny’s Deals which are all the freebies I can find online and round up for you. As I like to say, “Cheap is great but free is better!”

The reason I do it is to help others stretch their dollars. The economy is rough but there’s no need to just exist. By watching the sales, clipping a couple of coupons (I promise it won’t take long!) you can get things for free or really cheap. What I hope to do here is bring some of the things I’ve learned and help my Chicago Mama readers save money, specifically in and around Chicagoland. So, pull up a seat, feel free to comment and ask questions as we strrrrrrrrrretch the almighty dollar so we can save, live better and ummm… shoes!

If frugal is the new black, then I’m really styling!


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