Freezing Tip

In conjunction with this week’s freezing deals, I just got this email:

“We purchased a food vacuum sealer, and it is great for when you buy larger packages of meat because you can divide the items up into amounts more suitable for your family and freeze. The vacuum seal means you do not have to use right away, as you do not need to worry about freezer burn, which can happen when just using zip lock freezer bags. We found a vacuum sealer at Aldi, for only $35. And it works great.” Thanks JTS!

What about you, do you use one?


  1. My husband gave me one for Christmas and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have received jewelry the last two years and this is the best gift I have ever gotten. I also bought chicken thighs for $1 a lb and I separated and froze. This is going to keep meat from getting that tough feeling. It’s amazing.

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