Free/Super Cheap Electrasol at CVS

This is your fair warning for next week!!! Next week by combining coupons and ECBS, Electrasol will be FREE/Cheap at CVS. You’re gonna need some $2.50 off coupons from SS 7/12/09. 5 to be precise and I just did eBay and was able to snag 10 for around $2.50. So I’ll end up with 5 boxes of Electrasol for $2.50! I’ll have more details tomorrow during my CVS post but wanted to send out the alert to start watching eBay sales.


  1. I bought 10 coupons on ebay too. Does CVS limit the number of boxes we can buy?

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I bought 5 on ebay and after the coupons and the 4/20 coupon and a gallon of milk I paid 1.25 oop after ecbs and got 11.00 in ecbs back

  3. Thanks for the heads up on such a great deal! I got my coupons on ebay and was set to make the deal, went to CVS on Sunday morning as soon as they opened and there were no electrasols. I did get a raincheck and was told that the warehouse was out and would have more in on Tuesday. Back today (Wednesday) and still none. Was told they don't know when they'll be in, maybe not till next week. I know that my raincheck does not expire, but my coupons do (8/9)! Will CVS accept expired coupons since I got a raincheck before the expiration?

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