I got this email from a reader, Cindy:

Have you ever heard of Freecycle? It’s a site that directs you to your particular neighborhood area to give things away. No strings attached, everything must be free. It’s a way to help put less clutter in landfills. You must “apply” to be added to each particular neighborhood. It generates tons of email, so only sign up with the area closest to your house.

They email posts such as “wanted” as well as “offered” items. Check them out. I give tons of things away, better than donating it to an organization that resells it for profit, right? I feel if someone can use it, than they can have it for free! I was able to replace my water damaged cell phone free. I was also able to give away my old sofa, garage door opener and daybed.

So, if you’re cleaning out a garage or basement or perhaps your closet, give the things away instead of throwing them away! Go here to sign up.
Thanks, Cindy!


  1. My DH and I subscribe to this. It’s worth 10 seconds scan to see what’s available and what’s needed. You can also set-up the system to bunch them together in an email of 25 posts at a time. If you had every post sent every time it would get to be much, but you would see them instantly. Rather than if you bunch them it auto sends when 25 are gathered.

  2. be.the.remnant says:

    I did freecycle and my email got jammed with tons of emails…it’s good for some stuff but mostly people were pushing junk around. That has been my experience.

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