Freebies for Kids You Don’t Wanna Miss

Hi there if you’re new around here! Now frugal is the new black I’ve found that lots of people are looking for great deals on everything from diapers to screwdrivers and everything in between. What I do is find deals at different stores both nationally and locally so you can grab some bargains. I cover a lot of different stores that will help you save money when you coupon match there. You’ll save tons on groceries that way! My favorite thing to do though is show you all the free things/close to free things I can find. These can be found under the label, “Granny’s Deals” Enjoy the savings!
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Fee Free weekends at National Parks
Mark your calendars for fee-free weekends this summer:
* June 20-21, 2009 (Father’s Day weekend)
* July 18-19, 2009
* August 15-16, 2009
More scoop here.

Target Free Museum Days
This Summer your budget doesn’t need to go out the door while your kids are home. Target is sponsoring some great events all across the US that are FREE! More info here.

Free Bowling
Wanna know where your kids can go bowling for free? Check the details out here. This website will be a great resource for summer!

Free Movie Screenings
There are several movie theaters around the country offering FREE kids movies during the summer and I’ve got the scoop here Click on the movie theater link for more info.

Free 8×10 no purchase necessary at CVS right now thru June 21. Go here to start and enter code: code: FREE8X10. In our house we have 5 big picture frames that since Isaac was born we’ve just filled with free 8x10s from Walgreens and CVS! These also make great grandparent gifts.

PS Did you know you could get FREE things from Walgreens and CVS? I haven’t paid for toiletries in years and I’ll show you what’s free next week later on today so stop back!

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