FREE things to do around the holidays

It’s that time of year again and don’t you love it? I love to walk the Magnificent Mile in Chicago and look at the lights or take a trip to this house in Crete, IL (pictured above) that lights up the whole house. Last year hubby and I had a great time downtown one evening. I was heavily pregnated and he took us to get hot chocolate at Ghiradelli’s and then on a horse and carriage ride. Right as we set off it started snowing and so many passers-by were saying, “Oh, how cute! Isn’t she a lucky girl!!” Of course hubby gained major brownie points as I llllllloveeeeeeeee the snow and all things romantic!

This year I’m looking to list all the free/cheap things around Chicagoland/NWI this Christmas so please email all submissions to me ASAP at mummydeals at gmail dot com (take out the spaces!) and I’ll list at the beginning of December. Thanks!


  1. CJ, Lori, and Princess Triniti says:

    I think this is the house that my parents used to take me to see every year when I was a whole lot younger. Do you happen to have the address?? Is it off of Steger Road? I’d love to take a drive over there this year.

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