Free Things at Libraries

As the weather gets cooler and you’re not playing outside in the pool where can you go for cheap fun? Wandering the mall is dangerous on the wallet so why not head to the library. Here’s a little something I put together a few months ago.At one time the library was a place where you could just check out books for free. I remember lots of times as a kid going there with my Mum to check out books and loving the fact that she would let us get as many as we wanted because they were free!!! To their credit, they’ve evolved a lot and adapted to the times and now offer some pretty amazing services, most of which are free.

I was surprised to learn a couple of years ago that you can rent movies from there for free! The one by us is always stocked full of great titles including some brand new ones. Of course those go pretty quick so I recommend getting there early in the am to grab one of the newer ones. Plus the best part is that if you rent one Saturday, you can keep it until Monday because they’re closed Sundays!!

Here’s some other things libraries offer for free:
Books — You can find new releases, hard-to-find, out-of-print, and more.
Music — Although you won’t always find new releases, you can grab some good titles.
Magazines — Libraries are a good source for popular magazines.
Movies — Always free, the library has lots of titles to pick from and although they don’t have lots of copies of one title, keep checking back for one you want.
College Lectures
Cultural Passes — Some libraries offer passes to zoos or museums and I know libraries in IL offer great discounts to Chicago museums.
Internet Access

I’ve been collaborating with my friends over at the Lake County Library for a few weeks on their website to come up with special Mummy Deals offers for their readers. Yup, they have a website and if you didn’t know about it you can check it out here. With their help, I’ve compiled a list of fun things to do at your local library:

For adults, there are knitting and crochet classes, computer classes (made for each skill level), monthly blood pressure screenings, monthly Alzheimer’s support and informational classes, dozens of nutritional programs, different yoga and laughter yoga programs and even gaming programs that include Playstation games and Wii. These gaming programs are scheduled for adults, seniors, and teens.

Children’s storytimes are offered weekly and they have special songs, and simple crafts. In the summer, there are tons of special free weekly events geared towards kids of all ages. And if they show that they have read books, they get a chance to enter into cool weekly prize drawings.

Want a special free program and don’t see it in our monthly newsletter? You can always call the Library and suggest a free program you would like to see.

The library is a frugalite’s haven of freebies and there’s one in every town so pay yours a visit today!!!


  1. I love the Lake County library. Our local branch has a number of things for the kids to do and more features than I take advantage of. I also like that I can check out books through the system if my branch doesn’t have it. The website is so useful too!

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