Free Things at ACE Hardware thru 7/31/09

ACE is another place that will give you lots of things for free. Over the years we’ve ended up with Christmas lights, paint brushes and cleaners. Right now there’s some more freebies and the great thing is that although they’re mail in rebates (MIR) you can do them online and it’s super easy. Here’s a list of freebies:
  • Organic automotive glass cleaner FREE after $1.99 MIR. Limit 1
  • Biodegradeable car wash FREE after $3.99 MIR. Limit 1
  • Automotive cleaners FREE after $3.49 MIR. Limit 1 of each (there’s 4 items so 4 rebates)
  • Caulk FREE after $2.99 MIR. Limit 1.
Here’s the form you need and more info.

Think MIRs are too much of a pain? Check out my quick and easy system here.

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