Free Target or WalMart Formula

Thanks so much to my friend, Lisa, for this deal she found last year. In case you’re skeptical (I was too!) She received the formula in the mail a few times and reminded me last week how great the deal was!
“Okay so I found this 1-800 # online and called. You give them basic info (name, address, email (optional), babies birthday). They will send you a FREE target brand sample or a coupon. Then you can call back every 30 days and get a coupon for it! Every 30 days! No strings. It sounds hookey, but isn’t! WOO-HOO! They said it should arrive in 2-6 weeks. The place I got the number from said you can call every 30+ days and re-request another one! I’m sticking the number on the calendar to call in 30 days ; )Okay the number is ********1-800-410-9629********Option 3 (samples)”


  1. I call the number every month and I receive a $3 off coupon every month. Not sure how she gets free formula.

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