FREE Stuff at Jewel

I just got paid to buy some ice cream and pasta sauce at jewel. I’m working on a post but wanted to let you know to check back after lunch for the scoop!!!!!


  1. ce1erystyx says:

    I did a bunch of rolling today with this deal. The lipton pasta Plus sides are $2.70 with out preferred card. Buy 12 $12 w/card use 4-$1/3
    $8= tax get $15 in Catalinas.
    Super deal!
    There is only 3-4 flavors of this pasta.


  2. I just got my mom 2 bags of groceries for $0.98! PLUS, on the receipt was a survey to get $2 off your next order, so we're actually up by $1.02! I LOVE Jewel!

  3. Does this mean they are back to the spend $30 before you scan your jewel card?? last week I couldn't see any mention on your blog or coupon geek and when I tried it with the $10 needed before scanning my card I didn't get my catalina 🙁 thought they had caught on and changed the system – YAY if they haven't I got two unilever coupon booklets int he mail last week, not sure who we got two but not complaining 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    this didnt work for me, the lady said i had to spend the 30. tried it on the pasta sauce do u scan ur card at the end.

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