Free Shampoo at WAGS and CVS

Remember a few months ago that I wrote about Organix and Vitamin Shampoo being spotted at WAGS/CVS for free after mail in rebate? Well, Lindy just wrote to give us great news if you haven’t yet taken advantage of the deals:

Both Walgreens and CVS have their VITAMIN and ORGANIX shampoos on sale for buy one, get one free this week. Those are the ones that have a tag on the neck of the bottle that you can mail in a rebate to try the product free. So-it was $7 out of pocket for each brand, got 4 shampoos and mailed in my receipts to get my $7 back for each one. Four shampoos/conditioners for $0 (except tax and stamp) isn’t half bad, is it?! Thanks, Lindy!

Think MIRs are too much of a pain? Check out my quick and easy system here. The rest of the Walgreens deals are here and CVS are here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I spotted this rebate deal on Organix at Walmart too.
    Jenny I.

  2. Organix has offered a rebate on several occasions. I never received my rebate, and I have read several posts where other have not either, so just a heads up, in the past, there have been bad experiences with the Organix rebate. I definately would not try it again.

  3. What about the one per household limit? How can you buy so many and get rebates on more than one?

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