FREE Prepaid Card Ideal For Free Offers + More

Question: “What do you do when they ask for a credit card to verify a FREE or cheap deal? I don’t want to give my information online!”

Quite often you’ll see a hot deal only to be annoyed to realize that you have to enter your credit card information to get it. That’s why I have a prepaid card on one side like the FREE AMEX card. It allows users to verify their freebies without providing a real credit card. There’s no credit check and no fees. Yuppers, it’s FREE and should be in every smart shoppers’ artillery to help you sign up for freebies!

It’s also a GREAT option for parents to teach their kids how to spend:

  • Prepaid, reloadable American Express card parents can give to teens
  • Parents and teens can log in to their own online accounts to check the PASS Card balance, view transactions and setup alerts
  • Limit overspending and avoid teen overdraft fees
  • Safer than Cash
  • Automatic reloads

I LOVE the FREE AMEX card!

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