Free or Super Cheap Fisher Peanut Butter

Right now there’s a bunch of coupons out there from the newspapers for $1 off Fisher products. SS 10/4/09, SS 11/15/09, SS 11/22/09, SS 12/6/09, SS 12/10/09, SS/ 1/10/10.

Although this means you could get cheap nuts, what you may not realize is that it can get you free or super cheap peanut butter.  Around here the local stores often have their peanut butter right around $1 making it free or super cheap. I bought 7 jars of it and used the coupons last year and then had a brainwave: It’s Christmas and I need lots of PB for cooking. Why not buy some of those Fisher coupons from eBay?! So a friend and I went in together here and paid $1 each. The smallest jars were $1.28 and I got 10. So my grand total was $3.80 for 10 jars of PB. Sweeeet!

I just checked and there’s a bunch more coupons to buy here

Note: Just make sure the coupon states, “Good off any Fisher product” There are some that are only good on snacks.

Stores that carry it for sure: Strack & Van Til, Ultra. If yours carries it please leave a comment so we all know. Thanks!


  1. Walts carries it too… Over the summer, Walts and Stracks both had it for 99 cents a few times

  2. Town & Country Market in Portage, IN carries it. It generally runs around $1.29 a jar.

  3. Wiseway in Chesterton has it, not sure about the price on it, though.

  4. Our Menards usually carries a ton of fishers products and last time we got a stack of these coupons I used most of them for peanut butter that was $1.78 and I paid $.78/each.

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