Free Mummy Deals Class at Living Word Church, Lansing. 2/10/10

Cost: $11 (and $10 of that on diapers!!)

Wondering how I do things like get food for free?  Rarely pay for toiletries?  Then come join me at Living Word Church in Lansing next Wednesday February 10th at 7pm for their Ladies Night.  I’m excited to be speaking at my home church and helping others save but I’m also excited that they’re opening it up to other ladies in the area for FREE!

Come to learn some of the secrets!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Clair. I am in Texas, but would LOVE to attend one of your classes somehow. Do you think in the future you will be able to tape a class and then sell the VHS tape or something? I know I would be able to break out of the beginner steps I seem to be stuck in.

  2. Hey Anonymous, Could you email me? Thanks! Clair

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