Free Kraft BBQ Sauce at WalMart

There is a $0.02 moneymaker at WalMart right now on what else???? Kraft of course!!! My friend Lynda told me today that her cupboards are full of free Kraft items! Anyhoo…..they have Kraft BBQ sauce for $0.98 and you can get a $1 coupon here.
WalMart also has small boxes of Triscuit crackers for $2 but there is a $1 coupon here so they are $1. Thanks, Andrea for this but thanks also to another reader who just commented that her Walmart wouldn’t let her get the overage. Can’t find the comment that was left, sorry!


  1. Anonymous says:

    My Wal-mart wouldnt let me use the printed coupons from Kraft in black and white. They said they had to be in color. I just went to a different store. 🙁

  2. My Walmart said they could not give me the 1.00 they had to adjust the coupon to the price of the item it is less. Which is not fair cuz Kraft is paying them face value and they are pocketing it so I’ve called corporate and am waiting for a call and I contacted Kraft as well and told them what was going on.

  3. Nichole (thechocoholic) says:

    My Walmart never gives me overage and sometimes doesn’t let me use the coupons at all, so I’ve given up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s with stores lately? Meijer treated me like a criminal today when I tried to use $30 of coupons, most of which was printed from the internet. Even when I had multiples of non-internet coupons (like from Kellogg’s or vocalpoint’s Kashi waffles) she questioned where I got so many of the same coupons! Is that really any of the clerks business?!? I ended up just taking the rest of my coupons and leaving. So frustrating!

  5. Yeah its getting bad. I don’t understand what the big deal is when the store is being compensated for the coupons. Times are tough and people are getting smart and couponing, its not a new thing, people have been doing it for years, they really need to lay off. Sometimes I thinks its jealousy more than anything.

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