Free Junior Frosty at Wendy’s Anyone?

Wendy’s have a little keychain tag for $1.00. (80 cents of the purchase goes to the Dave Thomas For Adoption program and Wendys Wondeful Kids program). What makes this special is you get “one free Jr. Frosty per transaction per visit with any purchase. Valid at participating Wendy’s in the Chicagoland Area”. So for one dollar you help 2 good organizations and then can basically get a free jr. frosty everyday of the rest of the year if you want (with purchase which can be a small fry to dip in the frosty J).

Thanks, Brenda for this!  If you’ve seen them at your area Wendy’s please let us know what state you’re in so we know it’s not just IL.  Thanks!  
We’re also unsure as to when this expires so if you know, please comment!

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